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"Is the dog high?" Learning about Dogs and Cannabis.

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

In September 2020 I found the YouTube channel Peace, Love and Pitbulls.

Murphy has been on Jesse's oils/protocol ever since. This was the first thing I did besides change his diet.

I've done research into other dog cannabis companies but at this time, Murphy is doing well, so I am sticking with Jesse's oils. I am in the Facebook group for "Kings Harvest" but I have not purchased the product personally.

The key is THC. I went to a dispensary to see if I could re-create the recipe. With my skill set it was not possible, so I choose to find a person who is dog obsessed. There is also CBD and other products that can help, but it's the idea that THC kills cancer cells.

When the oils first came, I made my husband and brother try it first. It made for an interesting afternoon, but I did not want to give Murphy THC without knowing it was "safe" for consumption.

I found mid-afternoon and nighttime is the best time for THC. I prefer Murphy to sleep during the time the THC is working.

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