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Hope Post! Chemo/MOPP is done! (For Now? FUR-EVER?)

Murphy finished his 6th cycle of MOPP. We are going to stick with the holistic vet's plan and weed!!! But CHEMO!!! Seems to be done (for now). See my other blog posts re the holistic plan & THC.

I started this blog because it was overwhelming to know what to do with a cancer diagnoses.

Access seems to be the most critical factor. Do you have access to a vet? The money and time to treat your dog? Etc. I will work on these themes in another post!

Excerpts from Dr Cronin's report:

On his examination, there was no evidence of any abnormalities and he is

maintaining his weight. We did a CBC which was adequate for him to continue with his treatment.

Murphy received two injectable chemotherapy drugs - Mustargen and vincristine along with an injection of an anti-nausea drug.

I would like for you to continue with the prednisone as directed below. In regard to the procarbazine, you should continue this drug for a

total of 14 days and then stop.

At this time, we are going to stop Murphy's chemotherapy since he has been doing well, has a normal ultrasound and has had a total of 6 cycles of this combination. The plan is to put him on an every 4 week recheck schedule with initially having a recheck at your veterinarians and then 4 weeks later having a recheck with us for an ultrasound.

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