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Creating a budget for treatment

I woke up to a message this morning asking about the overall cost of treating cancer in your dog.

I personally gave myself a budget of a lump sum of what I was comfortable spending on Murphy before re-evaluating.

I recommend thinking about a monthly cost or weekly cost. Only you can know what you can afford. Outside the financial aspect, there's the physical access to treatment and how much time you can spend. Be honest with yourself and transparent with your vet.

For example, I do not believe oncologists will only do 1 session of chemo, so ask for the full price and time required. The cost of chemo might not include the tests to see if it's working. Plus the driving and sitting in the parking lot. Map it all out.

I did not include new better food in my original budget. But I did find using Farmers Dog was better for budget and time than my making it myself.

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